Julius objected to the use of his make as the interchange cant for the machine. He advisable the speech “Execute,” and so it was called. Before the war, the Premier Totalisator was in computation at varied points in England, Scotland, Cambria, Continent, New Zealand, State, Southbound Africa, Philippine Islands, and India. An improved theory at Longchamps, Town, was one of the maximal totalisators in the mankind.

The Execute Totalisator is electro-mechanical and is cloven into troika water units: The listing writing and issuance machines, the adding machines, and the indicators. The fine machines provision the tickets; the adding machines accomplishment the bets; and the indicators cashbox and showing the sales and the ratio.

The list windup. There is a thing to embody each frame and it is unflappable of a signaling of (automatic) slipping belts driven by automobile motors rotating finished a check of train. Turning begins with the electrical im-pulses from the list machines. When the impulses locomote too prompt for bet recording, they are sidetracked into a storing instrumentation that releases again when impulses dragging dr..

The indicators are also electrical and windup. Electrical con-tacts from the adding machines beam impulses to a serial of num-bered drums twin to automobile mileage meters greatly large. The meters are operated by electrical travel and (automatonlike) slippy belts.

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