If you like to play the online Slots or enjoy the thrills of online Video Poker, you probably already realize that if you play for the full coin amount on these games, there is an extra bonus in doing so. If you hit a Royal Flush playing online Video Poker, you’ll get paid a lot more. And the same goes for some online Slot machines.

In fact, by not playing for the full coin amount on these games, you are giving up a lot of value, and your overall return is affected negatively.

For example, we’ll look at the Jacks or Better Video Poker game on InterCasino. If you run your eyes over the paytable, you’ll see that if you wager 5 coins, all winning hands are

River Belle Casino

paid out by a factor of 5. Did I say “all winning hands”? Take a look at what you get paid if you hit a Royal Flush – it’s 4000 coins, or a whopping 10 times what you would get if you bet 1 coin instead of 5!

If you don’t play the maximum coin amount on most online video poker games, your overall payback could be reduced. For InterCasino’s Jacks or Better Video Poker, your payback could be reduced by up to 1.5% if you play short. And it can be even worse on some other online video poker machines, sometimes by up to 5%!

For online Slots, take InterCasino’s Classic Slot Game Forbidden Fruit – the 5th Coin Bonus for getting three Apples is a massive 1000 coins!

So next time you find yourself playing a one-arm bandit or an online Video Poker game, make sure you check the paytable to see if you are missing out on value by not playing the maximum coin amount. It almost always pays off better overall than if you play any of the lower coin amounts. By playing the maximum coin amount, you’ll always receive the best payout odds on that particlar game. But remember to bet with your head, and not over it!

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