Most online video poker games have a feature which allows you to double-up when you win after a spin.

The bet, in itself, is very simple – you wager what you just won and you either finish with twice as much, or you lose the bet. If you wish to Double-up, you simply press the Double-up or Yes button – the game will then deal one card face up for the dealer and (usually) four cards face down for you, the player. You simply choose one of the four face-down cards and, if the card you chose is higher than the dealer’s card, you’ll win an equal amount to your wager. If your card is lower than the dealer’s card, you lose your wager. If the cards are equal, you neither win nor lose.

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like the ‘odds’ bet in craps, the Double-up wager in video poker does not have a house advantage. You have an exactly 50-50 chance of winning any Double-up wager (ignoring ties), regardless of the amount wagered or the results of prior bets you’ve made.

Some video poker machines limit the number of Double-ups to five times. If you’re wondering how many times you should Double-up, the answer lies with you and how lucky you feel. Are you going for a big, and risky, win? Or are you happy with a small win with less risk involved?

One thing to remember when doubling-up though – some online casinos don’t include double-up wagers when calculating your total wagers for the purpose of clearing a bonus. So, if you’re clearing a bonus playing video poker, remember that Double-up wagers usually don’t count towards your total wagering requirement.

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